George & B married in the Midlands, Colour version.

I have never seen a groom cry so much at a wedding before, genuine tears of happiness and love at the site of his beloved bride coming down the aisle, and then later during his speech, such genuine love was evident at this beautiful Natal Midlands wedding. Beautiful touches with the decor, stunning and rustic location, awesome people, all made for a memorable day. Here is a selection of colour images that I feel best tell the story of the day. enjoy…

IMG_9013 IMG_9016 IMG_9020 IMG_9025 IMG_9027 IMG_9031 IMG_9075 IMG_9148 IMG_9176 IMG_9182 IMG_9212 IMG_9217 IMG_9221 IMG_9232 IMG_9235 IMG_9238 IMG_9287 IMG_9302 IMG_9321 IMG_9331 IMG_9344 IMG_9363 IMG_9369 IMG_9379 IMG_9423 IMG_9425 IMG_9447 IMG_9468 IMG_9477 IMG_9483 IMG_9517 IMG_9521 IMG_9574 IMG_9593 IMG_9604 IMG_9607 IMG_9625 IMG_9637 IMG_9651 IMG_9659 IMG_9666 IMG_9691 IMG_9700 IMG_9705 IMG_9715 IMG_9721 IMG_9772 IMG_9910 IMG_9920


3 thoughts on “George & B married in the Midlands, Colour version.

  1. What beautiful pics – B you looked SO beautiful and happy.
    Much love for your and Georges future together.
    Sandy xxx

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