portraits of disused cameras

I thought I would do something a little different. I love photographing people but looking at these old cameras who in their day probably photographed all kinds of people and interesting scenes and moments, I couldn’t help start to wonder about what they had seen, what stories had unfolded in front of their lenses. These camera’s are now destined to continue their life of display in our home or wherever they may one day find themselves but I thought it would be fun to take some “portraits” of these old retired camera’s. I thought it even more fitting to use what they have been replaced by to do the documenting, my iPhone 5. It is with me all the time and tends to document a large portion of my life around me. There is one very special camera in this collection, it is my Grandad’s old Halina 35X. You will see the picture of the bottom of it with his name roughly engraved, A.D Street. It was my Grandfather who first inspired me into photography. I remember clearly one day when he was showing me what he leaves on our porch looked like through the lens of his camera, ( a different one to the one photographed in this series) I loved how things came in and out of focus and those that were out of focus were such a soft green, it got me fascinated. If he were still with us today I guess we would have many conversations about photography and the simplicity of it, and of the current Ashes cricket series being played right now of course. So, here are the images I took. No touching up the scratches, plain and simple as they are, staring back at us, the viewer. Enjoy…

Meopta A811a Canon AT-1 Agfa ISO Rapid C Kodak Instamatic A.D. Street Halina 35X Kodak Retina Univex 8mm Cine camera Beaulieu TR8 Bolex Paillard Kodak Brownie Flash B No. 1 A pocket Kodak Voigtlander VITO 2 Keystone K38 Cinemax 85E


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