looking back, some favourites…

I was looking back at some older photographs recently, looking at different styles, influences and the way I had chosen to portray people at that time and there were a few images that stood out to me as photographs with depth, where there is something of the person or couples character and nature that is so evident in the image. I thought I’d put a collection of them together, not too many, put them through a basic black and white editing process and post them on our blog. I feel black and white tends to eliminate all the distractions and allows us to view the subjects, seen here as couples in love, beautiful brides marrying their amazing men and guests enjoying the festivities, in a more pure way, black and white enables us to see more of the character of the people being photographed. I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I enjoyed photographing them. Thank you to all the wonderful brides and grooms and their families and friends who requested us to document their special memorable moments.

_MG_0058-2 _MG_0086-2 _MG_0314 _MG_0514 _MG_0528 _MG_0553 _MG_8862 _MG_8908 AW2G7133 BP7F5023 BP7F5032 C91A0323 C91A0374 C91A0394 C91A0405 C91A0416 C91A0513 C91A0626 C91A0641 C91A0985 CZ5E0054 CZ5E0136 CZ5E0233 IMG_0989 IMG_3703 IMG_9176 IMG_9594 IMG_9604 IMG_9691 IMG_9745 IMG_9750 IMG_9804 PETE6987 PETE6996 PETE7034 PETE7087


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