A beautiful day with Simon and Jo

Simon and his lovely new wife Johanny seemed to love every moment of their beautiful day. Set amongst the natural beauty that is Langverwacht, Simon and Jo said their I do’s in front of family and friends. From an outdoor ceremony amongst tall trees to canape’s overlooking a beautiful pond and view, to the quirky playful wedding cake and a lovely relaxed and beautiful photoshoot moving onto a wonderful evening, this wedding was a special one. Please enjoy looking through these photographs and I hope they do something showing the emotion and feeling of the day.Simon&Jo-1 Simon&Jo-2 Simon&Jo-3 Simon&Jo-4 Simon&Jo-5 Simon&Jo-6 Simon&Jo-7 Simon&Jo-8 Simon&Jo-9 Simon&Jo-10 Simon&Jo-11 Simon&Jo-12 Simon&Jo-13 Simon&Jo-14 Simon&Jo-15 Simon&Jo-16 Simon&Jo-17 Simon&Jo-18 Simon&Jo-19 Simon&Jo-20 Simon&Jo-21 Simon&Jo-22 Simon&Jo-23 Simon&Jo-24 Simon&Jo-25 Simon&Jo-26 Simon&Jo-27 Simon&Jo-28 Simon&Jo-29 Simon&Jo-30 Simon&Jo-31 Simon&Jo-32 Simon&Jo-33 Simon&Jo-34 Simon&Jo-35 Simon&Jo-36 Simon&Jo-37 Simon&Jo-38 Simon&Jo-39 Simon&Jo-40 Simon&Jo-41 Simon&Jo-42 Simon&Jo-43 Simon&Jo-44 Simon&Jo-45 Simon&Jo-46 Simon&Jo-47 Simon&Jo-48 Simon&Jo-49 Simon&Jo-50 Simon&Jo-51 Simon&Jo-52 Simon&Jo-53 Simon&Jo-54 Simon&Jo-55 Simon&Jo-56 Simon&Jo-57 Simon&Jo-58 Simon&Jo-59 Simon&Jo-60 Simon&Jo-61 Simon&Jo-62 Simon&Jo-63 Simon&Jo-64 Simon&Jo-65 Simon&Jo-66




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