Nadine and Jeremy say I do in Sri Lanka

This is a special wedding for me. I have known Nadine and her delightful family for 15 years now and we have been through so much together. There were some special moments on this trip to Sri Lanka which I will remember for a long time to come. In each other they have found a best friend, a partner for life and real love.

The wedding took place in the beautiful Island country of Sri Lanka in the beach town of Mirissa. I will do a blog post of our “holiday photographs” at a later stage. We all stayed together for the week at Coral Beach lodge and the trip culminated in a beautiful wedding in the same location. My words cant describe the happiness, love and joy that was felt on the day so hopefully something of that will come across in the photographs. Nadine and Jeremy, thank you for wanting Jenna-lea and myself to be such a special part of this day, and may you both continue to grow in love and enjoyment of each other!

getting ready…

Nadine & Jeremy-1 Nadine & Jeremy-2 Nadine & Jeremy-3 Nadine & Jeremy-4 Nadine & Jeremy-5 Nadine & Jeremy-6 Nadine & Jeremy-7 Nadine & Jeremy-8 Nadine & Jeremy-9 Nadine & Jeremy-10 Nadine & Jeremy-11 Nadine & Jeremy-12

time for the I do’s …

Nadine & Jeremy-13 Nadine & Jeremy-14 Nadine & Jeremy-15 Nadine & Jeremy-16 Nadine & Jeremy-17 Nadine & Jeremy-18 Nadine & Jeremy-19 Nadine & Jeremy-20 Nadine & Jeremy-21 Nadine & Jeremy-22 Nadine & Jeremy-23 Nadine & Jeremy-24 Nadine & Jeremy-25 Nadine & Jeremy-26 Nadine & Jeremy-27 Nadine & Jeremy-28 Nadine & Jeremy-29 Nadine & Jeremy-30 Nadine & Jeremy-31 Nadine & Jeremy-32 Nadine & Jeremy-33

first photographs as a married couple …

Nadine & Jeremy-34 Nadine & Jeremy-35 Nadine & Jeremy-36 Nadine & Jeremy-37 Nadine & Jeremy-38 Nadine & Jeremy-39 Nadine & Jeremy-40 Nadine & Jeremy-41 Nadine & Jeremy-42 Nadine & Jeremy-43 Nadine & Jeremy-44 Nadine & Jeremy-45 Nadine & Jeremy-46 Nadine & Jeremy-47 Nadine & Jeremy-48 Nadine & Jeremy-49 Nadine & Jeremy-50 Nadine & Jeremy-51 Nadine & Jeremy-52 Nadine & Jeremy-53 Nadine & Jeremy-54 Nadine & Jeremy-55 Nadine & Jeremy-56 Nadine & Jeremy-57 Nadine & Jeremy-58 Nadine & Jeremy-59 Nadine & Jeremy-60 Nadine & Jeremy-61 Nadine & Jeremy-62 Nadine & Jeremy-63 Nadine & Jeremy-64 Nadine & Jeremy-65 Nadine & Jeremy-66 Nadine & Jeremy-67 Nadine & Jeremy-68 Nadine & Jeremy-69 Nadine & Jeremy-70 Nadine & Jeremy-71 Nadine & Jeremy-72 Nadine & Jeremy-73 Nadine & Jeremy-74 Nadine & Jeremy-75

time to relax

Nadine & Jeremy-76 Nadine & Jeremy-77 Nadine & Jeremy-78 Nadine & Jeremy-79 Nadine & Jeremy-80 Nadine & Jeremy-81 Nadine & Jeremy-82 Nadine & Jeremy-83 Nadine & Jeremy-86 Nadine & Jeremy-87 Nadine & Jeremy-88 Nadine & Jeremy-89 Nadine & Jeremy-90 Nadine & Jeremy-91 Nadine & Jeremy-92 Nadine & Jeremy-93 Nadine & Jeremy-94 Nadine & Jeremy-95 Nadine & Jeremy-96 Nadine & Jeremy-97


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