The lovely Bron & Shawn get married in the Natal Midlands

We always love going to the Natal Midlands to photograph weddings and to see family and friends, what a beautiful place with lovely people. The weather has a mind of its own though and despite the rain, hail and cold, Bronwyn and Shawn and their guests had a really enjoyable time at Providence in the Midlands. The weather did make things difficult from a photography perspective but well done to the bridal party for braving the cold for a little while to get a few photo’s. Here is a selection of images from the day. Enjoy.

Bron & Shawn-1 Bron & Shawn-2 Bron & Shawn-3 Bron & Shawn-4 Bron & Shawn-5 Bron & Shawn-6 Bron & Shawn-7 Bron & Shawn-8 Bron & Shawn-9 Bron & Shawn-10 Bron & Shawn-11 Bron & Shawn-12 Bron & Shawn-13 Bron & Shawn-14 Bron & Shawn-15 Bron & Shawn-16 Bron & Shawn-17 Bron & Shawn-18 Bron & Shawn-19 Bron & Shawn-20 Bron & Shawn-21 Bron & Shawn-22 Bron & Shawn-23 Bron & Shawn-24 Bron & Shawn-25 Bron & Shawn-26 Bron & Shawn-27 Bron & Shawn-28 Bron & Shawn-29 Bron & Shawn-30 Bron & Shawn-31 Bron & Shawn-32 Bron & Shawn-33 Bron & Shawn-34 Bron & Shawn-35 Bron & Shawn-36 Bron & Shawn-37 Bron & Shawn-38 Bron & Shawn-39 Bron & Shawn-40 Bron & Shawn-41 Bron & Shawn-42


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