The passionately in love Raquel and Michael

After photographing Raquel and Michael on a Cape Town CBD rooftop, we cant wait till their wedding! These two were so passionate about each other which made my job really easy and also enjoyable. It’s so great to see two people in love and happy to show it. Raquel and Michael, so glad you travelled down from Johannesburg to the beautiful Cape Town, you have chosen one of the worlds best destinations for your wedding, we look forward to being there next year.

IMG_3626 IMG_3628 IMG_3638 IMG_3645 IMG_3650 IMG_3668 IMG_3680 IMG_3682 IMG_3692 IMG_3705 IMG_3708 IMG_3715 IMG_3736 IMG_3748 IMG_3769 IMG_3780 IMG_3817 IMG_3826 IMG_3834 IMG_3875 IMG_3896 IMG_3927 IMG_3968 IMG_3998 IMG_4031 IMG_4076 IMG_4114 IMG_4138


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