some decor inspiration

Here is a small selection of decor photographs from some of the weddings we have photographed. If I can give a little bit of advice, stay true to your character as a couple. Keep it simple yet beautiful, the guests will love it anyway and try not to put put huge table decorations in the middle of the table so forcing guests to exhibit their contortionist skills while trying to have a conversation with a guest on the other side of the mini forest. đŸ™‚ For us as photographers, we want to tell the story of the whole day and the people and the interactions and emotions are the most important but the small things that make up the backdrop to a beautiful day should never be forgotten and should be appreciated. I hope you enjoy these few images, there will be hyperlinks to the wedding photographs beneath some of the photographs if you would like to see the blog post for that wedding.


The following 6 photographs are from the wedding of Lorrae and Denton. Lorrae is a very talented designer and created all the decor by herself. Have a look at her facebook page here. I just love the the legendary Steri Stumpy made it into some amazing wedding decor! Their wedding was also featured on the Pretty Blog.

C91A0576 C91A0578 C91A0579 C91A0602 C91A0603 C91A0632

The following 4 photographs are from the wedding of Craig and Inez held at the beautiful Mofam River Lodge. It was a picnic reception on the grass with a beautiful combination of antique silver ware and indigenous flowers. The step ladder with flowers was a wonderful feature. The decor was the creativity of Four Every Event.

CZ5E5869 CZ5E5872 CZ5E5876 CZ5E5886 decor-2

These 2 photographs show some beautiful flowers from the wedding of Sophia & Richard, not blogged yet but keep an eye on the blog and our facebook page for photographs from their beautiful day.

IMG_6775 IMG_6814


I love the colour and richness well chosen roses bring to a table, the following 3 photographs were from the wedding of Jenna and Bates.

IMGL3734 IMGL3738 IMGL3742

There were no real flowers at this wedding but only beautifully crafted paper flowers and decor made by the super talented bride herself. You can find her facebook page here, and the wedding of Anja and Mark here. Their wedding was also featured on The Pretty Blog.

PETE6304 PETE6321 PETE7260 PETE7293


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