Lauren and Brian and their lovely wedding day

Lauren and Brian, and many of their family and friends, travelled all the way from the UK to get married in our beautiful winelands. It was a lovely day of celebrating and relaxing and enjoying the lovely surrounds of Diamant estate. Thank you to Lindsey from Make up and delight for the lovely make up and for the Bottomless Coffee Band for providing such awesome music during the afternoon. Here is a selection of images from their wedding day, we do hope those that were at the wedding enjoy looking at these and reliving some of the memories πŸ™‚


Brian&Lauren-1 Brian&Lauren-2 Brian&Lauren-3 Brian&Lauren-4 Brian&Lauren-5 Brian&Lauren-6 Brian&Lauren-7 Brian&Lauren-8 Brian&Lauren-9 Brian&Lauren-10 Brian&Lauren-11 Brian&Lauren-12 Brian&Lauren-13 Brian&Lauren-14 Brian&Lauren-15 Brian&Lauren-16 Brian&Lauren-17 Brian&Lauren-18 Brian&Lauren-19 Brian&Lauren-20 Brian&Lauren-21 Brian&Lauren-22 Brian&Lauren-23 Brian&Lauren-24 Brian&Lauren-25 Brian&Lauren-26 Brian&Lauren-27 Brian&Lauren-28 Brian&Lauren-29 Brian&Lauren-30 Brian&Lauren-31 Brian&Lauren-32 Brian&Lauren-33 Brian&Lauren-34 Brian&Lauren-35 Brian&Lauren-36 Brian&Lauren-37 Brian&Lauren-38 Brian&Lauren-39 Brian&Lauren-40 Brian&Lauren-41 Brian&Lauren-42 Brian&Lauren-43 Brian&Lauren-44 Brian&Lauren-45 Brian&Lauren-46 Brian&Lauren-47 Brian&Lauren-48 Brian&Lauren-49 Brian&Lauren-50 Brian&Lauren-51 Brian&Lauren-52 Brian&Lauren-53 Brian&Lauren-54 Brian&Lauren-55 Brian&Lauren-56 Brian&Lauren-57 Brian&Lauren-58 Brian&Lauren-59 Brian&Lauren-60 Brian&Lauren-61 Brian&Lauren-62 Brian&Lauren-63 Brian&Lauren-64 Brian&Lauren-65 Brian&Lauren-66 Brian&Lauren-67 Brian&Lauren-68 Brian&Lauren-69 Brian&Lauren-70 Brian&Lauren-71 Brian&Lauren-72 Brian&Lauren-73 Brian&Lauren-74 Brian&Lauren-75 Brian&Lauren-76


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