About us …

We are a very happily married couple who are both passionate about the intrigues that surround us, the creativity the drives us and the personalities that cross our paths. We have both studied a BA Applied design specialising in Photography with graphic design and illustration as a strong supporting background.

We try our best not to place ourselves into genre specific boxes but prefer to look at the world through the telescope of fascination and interest. Incorporating creative angles, personal interests and strong technical backgrounds, we strive to show something of the essence and depth of the event or subject before us. And if we cant then we just try our best to make a pretty picture!

What you will find on this website is something of the world seen through our eyes, weddings, people, places, décor and details.

We are fans of a good cup of coffee so if you would like to spend some time with us and discuss life love and everything else or maybe a photography project you have in mind, please give us a call and we’ll be there fast, well depending on traffic and the distance and if we forget to take the turn off and end up in some distant field taking self portraits.

Um, ok, that’s all for now.

You can contact us via email at     info@kellandphotography.com



One thought on “About us …

  1. Please can you send me your contact details as I woudl liek to speak to youabout booking you for my sisters wedding. I have been referred to you by Cathy and Mark.


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